Abyssal Night Club

The only place where when you stare into the Abyss it stares back!

Venue Locations: Aether or Crystal
World Locations: Faerie or Malboro
Housing Locations: Goblet Ward 1, Plot 11 or Empyreum Ward 1, Plot 12
Day Open: Saturdays ONLY
Hours: 8PM -10PM EST
Services offered are ONLY SFW!

The Venue:

Abyssal was merely a vision, that got brought to life when Alastor kept backing Kali's idea to make a venue. And when Kali made it her and Alastor went into Co-Owning it. The goal for the venue is for it to be a place for people to hang and have fun together without such a mass ruckus around. Our DJ is DJ Xulfudd, so watch for his link when you're in the venue when we're open! We and the staff look forward to seeing people come around!

The Owners:

Kali (Viera Female) and Alastor (Xaela Male) the duo met back on Crystal DC a bit over a year ago. They shared a common ground on enjoying gpose aspects of the game and from there they grew closer and into partners in crime on everything. Neither Kali nor Alastor will not be offering any RP services, in no way is this swayable.

Employee of The Month:

Coming up for the hot spot of the month of Nov is our one and only Xul.
"There is only Xul!"

Drink Menu:

Some items may be substituted if needed!

Abyssal Staff:

(redoing staff pic soon)
About Staff:
Name: Asuna kitty (Dancer)
Age: immortal
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
RP: matches the other person
Quote: no matter the form I am in I always kitty underneath
Name: Kheni Kurogane (Bouncer)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan (very heavy fem lean)
RP: Will try to match
Quote: N/A
Name: Name: Ryo Rouge (Dancer)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual (Male lean)
RP: Depends on the other person
Quote: “If you have the coin consider it done”
Name: Dj Xulfudd (Resident DJ)
Job: Bringer Of Sounds
Pronoun: He/Him
Orientation: Straight
Role: Switch
RP: Yes

Services Offered:

Featuring: Kheni, Alastor, Kali, and Kitty

Featured above: Kheni, Alastor, Kali, and Kitty!RP Services:
Wanting to get up close and personal with one of the staff? Please keep in mind your services you paid for are SFW! (All payments must be paid in full for service or Buy-outs)
Table Dance: 30K per 30 mins
Night Buy Out: 150K (2hrs)
Off-site Buy Out: 300K
Bar Buy Outs:
Cost: 1.5 Mill
(Does NOT include Drained Abyss)
Want to buy everyone a round of drinks for the entire night? And have your name recognized in shout! Speak to Kali, Alastor, or Nox ASAP!